Home goods retailers are required to stay on trend with consumer interests. One of the best sources of relevant consumer intelligence in this area, in fact, comes from manufacturers and suppliers, who are developing the very products end users seek. For 2018, these experts are anticipating growing interest in sustainable, natural fabrics, minimalist design and classic and fun patterns for the holiday season.

These are broad trends, and retailers can rely with confidence on premium suppliers to understand their relevance in the consumer marketplace. Suppliers must stay engaged with shifts in consumer interest; it is that interest that determines what drives sales at the retailer level and therefore what those brands need to source from manufacturers.

These trends are among those which are set to become prominent on virtual and brick-and-mortar shelves in the coming months. Many are familiar to established retailers, but it is useful to recall why shoppers are looking for particular features in their home goods. This year, it is a combination of ethics, value, comfort and nostalgia.

Natural Fabrics: Cotton and Bamboo

Sustainability is an important trend for consumers across many segments, and home textiles are no different. This concept was once only important to a small number of shoppers, but environmental awareness has increased and the trend of sustainability has continued over several seasons.

Natural fabrics, such as cotton and bamboo, fit squarely into this sustainability mindset. Personal health is also a concern. Many consumers suffer from fabric allergies and seek out fabrics with minimal or no chemical additives. Those who want truly premium home textiles may also look for an “organic” label on their cotton or bamboo sheets because that is thought to be better for people and for the environment.

Sustainability is important from another angle: more and more consumers want to buy items that last. For that reason, wholesale bedding suppliers are offering items made of durable fabric, appropriate for long-term use. This follows the overall consumer trend of waste reduction and greater value per purchase dollar.

Clean Design Lines

Interior design experts tend to think of clean lines in the context of furniture placement in rooms, as well as the structural design of homes and spaces. However, the concept is also essential for style-conscious consumers who want a minimalist look in their homes. This is another trend on the radar of wholesale bedding experts, who see a demand for structured bedding that fits neatly into this type of contemporary decor.

Clean lines in bedding mean sheets of a solid color, or well-defined geometric patterns. These are reflected throughout the style choices throughout the room, where patterns may not only be repeated on a duvet, but also a rug, furnishings, or pieces of artwork. Textile suppliers focus on giving consumers the pieces that they need to put together a complete look that is modern, but still comfortable and open to personalization.

Fortunate for retailers, many of the core SKUs they keep on hand may, in fact, fit in with this trend. Plain white cotton sheets certain qualify as an essential part of a contemporary layout, as may also plain white duvets and other neutral-toned bedding pieces.

Holiday-Themed Textiles

Holiday textiles are largely a reflection of the activities that take place during the winter months. Families invite guests for long stays. Homeowners host parties for neighbors, friends or even co-workers, which means their home becomes something of a showpiece for people they may not host in their homes at other times of the year.

Even those who do not typically have guests during the holidays may want to become involved in the spirit of the season. Children’s bedrooms may experience a mini-makeover with fun bedspreads emblematic of the time of year. Snowflakes, reindeer, penguins, and characters from holiday stories may all show up on those flannel sheets that keep them warm at night.

Wholesale bedding experts know that the holidays are a time for nostalgia, and most brands actually use nostalgia as part of their marketing efforts. This is reflected in the assortment of products they keep on hand for retailers. Premium suppliers may also offer customization and dropshipping capabilities, allowing retail brands to put a unique spin on a classic holiday product and ensuring it reaches shoppers with a minimum of effort.

Much of what retailers offer for sale may indeed look familiar. Classic holiday throws in tartan patterns for living areas are on the shelf, alongside holiday-themed sheet sets for children and adults. While it is certainly true that consumers may want something unique, many still desire holiday patterns that they have come to rely upon to create their home decor every year.

Importance of Trends

Consumers are spoiled for choice in the current retail environment. The emergence of e-commerce has meant it is now easier than ever to buy goods. It also means retailers are no longer restricted by the size of their retail floor to decide what to offer for sale: they can add almost unlimited offerings in their online store. However, when it comes to home textiles, it is important for brands to curate offerings in order to maintain brand identity.

The experts who know wholesale bedding also understand consumer behavior. Superior supplier partners know what is trending. Retailers know best how to get those trends in front of the eyes of their target consumers.

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