In order for retailers to make an impact in the competitive world of online and offline commerce, they must provide value to the customer. Part of that value is superior inventory, tailored to meet their specifications. For those who sell home textile goods, finding a top bed sheet supplier is essential. Customers frequently buy this staple product but nonetheless have high demands for the look and feel of products.

The ability to meet this demand is linked directly to the retailer’s relationship with the supplier. Many organizations can bring a supply of bedsheets to the retailer’s floor or warehouse; but few have all of the elements that signify a long-term, high-quality, and lucrative supplier-retailer relationship. When assessing top bed sheet suppliers, review their service, access to inventory, and knowledge of the home linen space.

1. Service

Retailers depend on suppliers to provide them with something to sell. For that reason, the relationship between these businesses must be cordial and efficient. It is important that the supplier communicates promptly, providing actionable information when necessary. That way, retailers can feel they are full partners with the supplier in enhancing the end customer’s experience.

Specifically, retailers should expect that their orders are processed in a timely manner and that they are informed of any delays. The best suppliers offer options with product delivery, such as rush orders or a short turn around time for custom goods. That provides the retailer with the reassurance that they can provide consumers with the linens they want, when they want them, given the supplier’s capability.

Efficient processes for ordering and shipping of goods, whether to the retailer or direct to consumer in a dropship scenario, are essential to a well-functioning relationship. But good customer service provides an added benefit when the unexpected occurs. A supplier who has staff at the ready to respond to retailer concerns or to provide up-to-the-minute information about order status is particularly dedicated to keeping that supplier happy.

2. Inventory

The top bed sheet suppliers will rarely experience sourcing problems or delays. In an ideal scenario, they will always be able to provide a variety of linen options from which retailers can choose. With those options, retailers can curate a collection that’s appropriate for their target customer base.

The same supplier can source high-quality, luxury linens, as well as options for price-conscious consumers. It’s then up to the retail buyer to decide which of the supplier’s goods are the best fit for the customer-facing brand. In today’s market, even these options can shift quickly, as what’s new and hot can become apparent with only a moment’s notice. With the right supplier, the brand can take advantage of sourcing capabilities and get ahead of the competition.

Capacity for product customization is also important when reviewing supplier options. A 2015 study by Deloitte found that 20 percent of consumers are willing to pay a 20 percent premium for customized products. In the home textile space, brands may not offer customization to specific customers but distinct and exclusive product lines. While many suppliers can get off-the-rack linens from manufacturers, only a few have the ability to create custom products on behalf of retailers.

Therefore, retailers can feel confident with a supplier who can access a range of linens, and even offer something unique. It can help them be a better brand in the eyes of consumers.

3. Staying on Trend

As the retailer may sell a wide range of goods, it is of particular benefit to be able to rely on the supplier for what’s trending in the segment. Often the top bed sheet suppliers focus exclusively on home textiles. As a result, they hold specific, relevant industry knowledge of what customers are looking for.

In order to remain in step with what’s new in the home textile segment, bed sheet suppliers often attend industry conferences, follow industry news, and communicate with their own clients to gain an in-depth perspective of what’s selling. For retail partners, this insight is invaluable. While it is easy to pull a sales report from last year to see what items sold well back then, predicting what’s hot this season is more challenging for retailers without access to this specialized focus.

In addition to knowing what consumers seek, sheet suppliers should have the willingness and capacity to source and offer that specific inventory. A quality supplier will shift inventory according to what is predicted to sell. It will also provide updated assortments so its retail partners can keep its own in-house inventory new and fresh. Consumers may expect to find the same thing when they come into a store, but they also want to know what’s new in stock.

Professional and Reliable Sourcing

In the competitive world of retail, brands have a limited number of avenues to distinguish themselves in the eyes of consumers. They must focus on customer service, product quality, and product uniqueness. Home textile retailers benefit from a stable market size, to which they can show a dedication to customer care and product satisfaction. It all starts with finding the right supplier to fill up the shelves in the bedding aisle.

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