There are common themes in holiday home decor that consumers expect to see every year: shades of red and green, with trims of silver and gold. With each new year, however, comes a slightly different take on the classics, both in decorations and soft lines to outfit the living and guest rooms.

In 2018, there’s a progression towards the natural look. A general theme of this year’s textiles is bringing nature inside the home. Floral prints, which were quite popular last year, are still sought after by consumers, but in more muted tones. Even consumers that desire a flashy, showpiece home won’t be too obvious about that intention because garish decor is not in vogue this season.

This year’s holiday home furnishing trends focus on upcycling, getting back to the earth with distinct textures and accents. Retailers should expect shoppers to want to bring new life into their homes for the joyous season, but minimize waste and reduce excess at the same time. When they invite guests, they want them to feel comfortable, settled into peaceful home decor.

Trends 2018: Colors

This year’s trending cool colors include deep blues, neo mint and other shades that give off a wintery sensation. Over the holidays expect consumers to outfit their trees, mantles and table settings with these colors. Dynamic colors are nonetheless appropriate for style trends that want to bring the outdoors inside.

Of course, blue pairs nicely with 2018’s other hot color: red. To put it simply, red is “hot, hot, hot,” and there’s no better time of year to put those red furnishings on display. Expect throws, blankets and other linens of this color when families outfit their homes for incoming guests.

Trends 2018: Textures

In 2018, there’s a movement away from the sleek, modern look that has been popular the past few years. In textiles and holiday home furnishing trends, consumers seek a tactile experience. That means less of the smooth, distant feel and more of a waffle-like, ridged appearance on soft lines.

That focus on tactile experience naturally lends itself to details in holiday bedding and linens, such as embroidery, fringe, tassels and pom-poms. Consumers have shifted back to an appreciation for decorative stitching and appealing patterns to help create a distinct atmosphere in the December season.

Trends 2018: Fabrics

As much as holiday home furnishing trends are about style and detail, they are also about functionality. Consumers are on the lookout for fabrics that adhere to current trends, but also make them feel they’ve supported a local artisan. Even if they are not near an art show, they want to bring that sense of authenticity into their home.

Linens focused on wellness, specifically made from eco-friendly and breathable fabrics, are especially popular. When making up the guest room for incoming family, consumers want sheets that feature cooling technology, antimicrobial or anti-allergen craftsmanship. It’s all the better if it’s made from sustainable materials. Look for organic cotton, bamboo, all in those distinct holiday shades of red and blue.

Trends 2018: Prints

Natural is the continuing theme throughout 2018, and holiday home furnishing trends follow on that path. Not many consumers will bring a forest into their living room, but they choose home decor that recalls the beauty and simplicity of the outdoors. Look for natural furnishings that are nonetheless abstract, easy to fit into a home of almost anyone’s taste.

Soft floral notes, dots, dashes and stripes bring texture to the patterns on this year’s holiday linens. Color blocking and terrazzo contribute to an overall look of imperfection that reflects natural beauty. Retailers want to give everyone the look of a unique, distinct, outdoorsy home while still adhering to general style trends.

Trends 2018: Duality

Consumers continue to seek value in their holiday shopping. Retailers can emphasize the durability and multifunctional aspects of their products in order to attract and retain customers. Holiday linens, for example, that are both a stylish addition to a guest bedroom while also meeting the need for a low-allergen, toxin-free home, offer two distinct value propositions to consumers.

In 2018, the natural look is a style preference, but a sought-after attribute of bedding and home linens for an ever-increasing consumer segment. While brick-and-mortar retailers have to find shelf space for these items, e-commerce outlets have a particular advantage. Through a dropshipping relationship with a custom sheets manufacturer, they can offer consumers the full variety of style and functionality combinations they may seek.

That means consumers have the choice between reds and blues, waffle-texture or ridges, in order to make their home very “this year,” without having the same living room as the neighbors next door. Online retailers give choice and value in a way that brick-and-mortar simply cannot for lack of space.

Getting Back to Basics for 2018 Holiday Season

While a return to natural style options does fall in step with growing consumer interest in reducing waste and getting full use out of a product, it does not negate the public’s continued desire for attractive holiday decor. Through combining ethical material choices with colors, textures and designs that recall a natural look, e-commerce retailers can offer the perfect mix of economic and aesthetic value.

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