As the holidays approach, consumers want to upgrade their home decor to welcome visitors, or just to get into the spirit of the season. Retailers can meet that consumer desire to bring seasonal themes into the home by supplying duvets and linens, and by catering to other holiday blanket trends.

There is a good reason to do so: according to the National Retail Foundation, consumers are planning to spend 4.1 percent more over the 2018 holiday season than they spent last year. But bringing in those consumer dollars depends on offering the right products. Retailers can best achieve this by partnering with a trend-savvy supplier, who not only has the right inventory, but also the right advice.

Products That Sell Well During the Holidays

During the holiday season, consumers look for comfort and style. They want to feel cozy, while at the same time make their living and sleeping areas have a look appropriate for the season. There are a number of ways to achieve these objectives, based on personal taste, but a few styles stand out for 2018.

Classic Holiday Prints

Red, green, gold, silver — these are all colors that tend to abound in store windows during the holiday season. Home decor tends to have a similar wintry feel, and holiday blanket trends hark back to some comforting patterns. Plaid is a welcome accent in living areas and on guest room linens. For 2018, plaid throw cushions get a bit more glam with bejeweled accessories. Similar embellishments won’t work for linens, but customers still want that checked pattern they know and love.

Fun Holiday Prints

There are some images that are just synonymous with the holidays and its classic stories. Translated into a duvet pattern or sheet set, they become engaged and light-hearted holiday designs that children and adults all love. Borders with mistletoe, reindeer, penguins, and snowflakes all say it is holiday time. Some manufacturers go all out, with phrases like “Merry Christmas,” emboldened across the front of duvets, and accent pillows in red with embroidery that expresses holiday messages. During the holidays, it is fine to be a little light on the seriousness and bring on the joy.

Warm Bedding

The look of bedding certainly shifts as the holidays approach, and so does its feel as the weather gets cooler and the days shorter. Consumers typically look for coziness and warmth. Holiday blanket trends include heavier items like duvets and flannel sheets. As much as coziness is the name of the game for the bedroom style during this period, it is also important for hosting areas like living rooms. Throw blankets in seasonal colors and holiday pillows help make couches and loveseats welcoming for family and friends who come for extended stays during this period.

As with any other season, there are always unexpected trends. Retailers may want to develop a custom line of linens so they can offer customers exclusive patterns they cannot get anywhere else. In order to assess what is coveted by this year’s consumers, retailers need the right partner: one whose entire business is wholesale bedding.

Benefits of Partnering With a Niche Supplier

In order to get the best product selection to potential customers, retailers should find a reliable and knowledgeable supplier. There is a real benefit in partnering with suppliers who deal exclusively in home products. These suppliers have to hold inventory that their retail clients need; if they do not know what will sell on an e-commerce site or the retail floor, they do not know what inventory to keep on hand.

For that reason, retailers should partner with suppliers who stay current on trends. These suppliers can share information about what industry insiders predict will be hot holiday blanket trends, whether sold in-store or online. Successful suppliers have other retail clients and therefore have first-hand knowledge of what is selling out everywhere. Importantly, this means the supplier can also offer insight as to how an individual retailer might stand out from the pack.

Customization Capabilities

Retailers can gain an advantage by creating a short-run of private label holiday products. A supplier with the ability to make custom runs can help retailers to get a distinct offering on the shelves in time for the holidays, whether it is a fun holiday print that is great for whimsical or family-oriented consumers or a classic bed sheet with a decorative trim. Customization is in line with the current trend of personalization or offering unique promotions to individual consumers. While a retailer may not offer a custom run for just one consumer, it may nonetheless see the advantage of a brand creating something different from the competition.

Quick Turnaround

A trend-savvy supplier also knows that time is of the essence when it comes to holiday items. A supplier must not only know what sells but have the operational efficiency to get the product out to retailers when they need it. They can keep core SKUs in stock at all times and anticipate how much clients will need in order to fulfill holiday blanket trends. As part of that operational efficiency, they will fulfill orders within 24 hours and have customer service on-hand to promptly answer questions.

Stay In Step With Trends for Holiday 2018

The holidays are often a boon for retailers. They help consumers create the joyful, comfortable space in their homes that they want for themselves and their visitors. It is a great time to partner with the right supplier who can help retailers bring whimsy, distinction, and style to the regular holiday routine.

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