As the weather grows cooler, more consumers are looking for cozy sheet sets to see them through the winter months. Retailers who choose to work with a premium flannel bed sheet supplier have a distinct advantage, as they can offer a wide selection of home items to these consumers while maintaining their brand identity.

Sourcing premium home textiles is a worthwhile endeavor to ensure that retailers can meet the needs of individual consumers. While so doing, they also offer additional value through quick delivery, wide selection, and distinct product lines. Once a retailer identifies what the customer wants, finding the right flannel bed sheet supplier can be largely a matter of due diligence.

Identify Consumer Selling Points

Flannel is a distinct type of material that has features not found in plain cotton or polyester sheets. The fabric is typically heavier, warmer, and softer. That also means consumers have different needs with regards to weight, durability, and texture. Bed sheet review sites, which consumers trust for recommendations, often gauge these particular features against the price point for an individual set.

As a result, before they make a purchase, consumers consider things like pilling and color fastness. They will scrutinize the weight of a flannel set as an indicator of softness and warmth — not thread count like other sheet fabrics. Yarn-dyed fabric also tends to hold up better from an aesthetic viewpoint, as it is less likely to fade after repeated washings. As with many aspects of textile sales, ethics in production is also important to some consumers, who may opt for organic flannel sheet sets.

Seek Attributes of Great Flannel Bed Sheet Suppliers

In order to provide the best value to customers, it is key to partner with a flannel bed sheet supplier that understands these consumer needs and has the capability to meet them. At the same time, retailers should also ensure the supplier is an effective business partner, able to provide quick and efficient service.

Breadth of Selection

Retailers who offer a variety of flannel product to consumers have a greater chance at developing volume sales. If consumers find what they are looking for, there is less chance they buy from a competitor. This ability to provide a wide selection is a direct reflection of what is available through the supplier.

A premium supplier will have a variety of SKUs on hand that is constantly being refilled. There should be little chance of a back order; the supplier should have several months’ worth of core items on hand at all times. For retailers, it then becomes a case of identifying what core products they will always need and finding a supplier that prioritizes those particular SKUs.

Product Customization

In a glutted retail landscape, brands also set themselves apart with private label lines. These provide another opportunity for brand identification and brand loyalty. Not all suppliers can offer the development of these in-house lines for brands. Customization capability in a premium flannel bed sheet supplier allows for the creation of a unique offering.

This can provide added value to retailers during times of peak retail activity, such as the holiday season. Ideally, the supplier should provide the option to create short-run, custom lines, as well as fill orders for standard items that appeal to a wide segment of consumers.

Dropship Capabilities

Both brick-and-mortar and online-only retailers rely on ecommerce to maximize sales volume. Retailers can have almost unlimited products on their ecommerce sites, provided their supplier partners can get the goods to customers. Dropshipping is therefore highly important in the modern retail landscape, but not all suppliers offer this service.

When assessing the capabilities of the new supplier, it is essential to ask if they offer dropshipping. Some retailers may want to limit products to that held in their in-house inventory. But given the growth of ecommerce, it is wise to consider the supplier’s dropshipping ability in case there is a change in retailer strategy at a later time. It may be that dropshipping is one of the best ways for a retailer to ensure customer convenience and satisfaction over the life of the brand.

Ask for Referrals

There are numerous flannel bed sheet suppliers that claim to know consumer pain points and promise to have efficient order processing. Perhaps the best way to determine which companies may be ideal new partners is to trust others who have worked with them. Getting industry referrals from colleagues is a good place to start.

Trade shows, conferences, and industry events are a good way to connect with suppliers and query them directly on their operations. In the absence of direct referrals, these kinds of informal “interviews” can lead to a solid partner. The supplier should be able to provide an indication if it has the competencies necessary in order to support business growth.

The Right Supplier Makes a Difference

The retailer is the consumer-facing brand, but the value and availability of its product relies heavily on its suppliers. It is essential to investigate the procedures in place in any new supplier-retailer relationship, in order to know what to expect when it comes time to offer goods for sale. In the textile industry, taking the time to assess the retailer’s needs and assess the operations of any new supplier is worth the effort.

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