As a home goods retailer, there’s little doubt you invest time and financial resources in your bedding selection. This is a staple item for consumers, an essential component to any home decor. It needs updating as styles and habits change, and your store is expected to offer what customers currently seek.

While you’re attempting to predict trends and effectively manage your inventory, you might have to make a choice between expanding your selection and keeping inventory costs low. The solution may be to partner with dropship bedding companies. These are independent suppliers who send stock directly to the customer after ordering through your business.

This kind of arrangement has obvious benefits for the consumer. It also relieves strain on your operating budget. Instead of bringing in huge volumes of stock that may not sell, you rely on the dropshipper to provide a virtually unlimited selection. What flows from this partnership is a huge benefit to your company as a whole.

1. Ships Quickly to Customers

Once your customer orders an item from your website, that request is sent directly to the dropship bedding company for processing. Unlike a circumstance where your own employees would have to manually locate, package and ship the item, by partnering with a dropshipper you have an outside company that specializes in order fulfillment. It’s typically quicker and more efficient, leading to happier customers.

2. Offers Unlimited Selection

Choosing inventory is always a challenge, but with this arrangement, you can sell anything held by the dropshipper to your own customer. Think of dropshipping as a scenario where your customer has access to everything offered by a manufacturer. Your in-house inventory buyers can focus on other tasks, like building up customized offerings you can sell in addition to the dropshipper’s existing selection.

3. Responsive to Changing Trends

Dropship bedding companies are one step ahead of general retailers when it comes to trends in functionality and fashion. This is the result of their focus on the home decor niche. You access this expertise when you partner with this company. In addition, when your manufacturer has the capacity to create a unique line of bedding and home goods for your brand, you can become particularly responsive to what your end customer wants to buy.

4. Retailer Gets the Credit

Brand identity is crucial in the competitive world of online retail. As you have an established brand based on quality and trust, you may be reluctant to bring on another customer-facing entity that does not enjoy the same level of prestige in the marketplace. Thankfully, in these arrangements, your supplier stays completely behind the scenes. You get all the credit when the customer is delighted with the quick service and the quality of the goods.

5. Customization Offers Competitive Advantage

Of course, you are not the only noted retail brand to consider dropship bedding companies to increase your agility in the market. An additional advantage is a manufacturer that not only supplies goods but can work with you to create a style offering that is exclusive to your brand. If it’s appreciated by customers, they will come back for more — simply because they can’t get an exclusive anywhere else.

6. Low Cost to Change Product Offerings

Modest start-up costs are one of the main benefits of dropshipping. Unlike traditional retail, where you have to buy copious amounts of product and hope it sells, with these supply chains you can try out whatever seems to work. Since the supplier will take the initial risk to purchase and maintain inventory, you can direct your end customer to everything that supplier has on offer — at no additional cost to your company.

7. Positions Retailer as Industry Leader

It takes time and strong business dealings for retailers to become recognized as leaders in their industry. Once they do, their business growth is more predictable, as consumers trust the company name. By developing a track record of fast delivery of great products, partnering with dropship bedding companies can help emerging brands to establish themselves as key players in the home decor market. With that name recognition, customers will come back again and again.

8. Reduced Long-Term Commitment

One of the main benefits of dropshipping is flexibility. If you don’t want to offer a wide selection of bedding on your e-commerce site, you have the option to pick and choose those brand-consistent items to offer to your end customer. Just because the dropshipper has it on display doesn’t mean you have to sell it under your banner as well. This means you retain control over what products you make available for sale.

Dropshipping is a newer model of retail fulfillment that has become increasingly popular has commerce has moved away from brick-and-mortar stores to online shops. This shift has also opened up new opportunities for retailers to position themselves as customer-focused, but still brand consistent, organizations. Finding the right bedding manufacturer partner gives you the tools you need to remain agile, responsive and competitive in this constantly evolving marketplace, now and for many years to come, here and abroad.

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