Home decor trends in 2018 are focused on more natural, down-to-earth style in the look and feel of fabrics. In addition, consumers are seeking value added with their home textile purchases. Duality is a major theme, with features such as artisanal craftsmanship and eco-friendly products. This year, customers expect that a product will have more than one identifiable feature that makes it an attractive purchase.

Trends broken down by color, texture, fabric and print are always changing with consumer demand. Here are a few trends in home decor for 2018 and how decorative throw blankets fit into the mix.

Trending Colors

As with every year, distinct shades are key to striking the right tone with home decor selection. In 2018, there’s a movement towards sophisticated reds and pinks. For decorative throw blankets, it’s a colorful accent to an earthy room.

Following this color scheme are mint green, soft blues and warm yellows. In a way, it’s like having Spring tones all year long, with a bit of wintery coolness thrown in. Another 2018 trend is moody dark colors that are perfect for making a home a statement piece. Moody darks include walls in shades as distinct as a combination of navy and black so attention goes to the decor instead of the larger paint scheme.

For those who want a more reserved feel to their living areas, a dark throw can bring a touch of this year’s style. Imagine a navy/black combo against a minty green. Other combinations include deep blues against natural wood.

Trending Textures

In 2018, smooth is out and those bumps are in. These can take the form of symmetrical patterns, like raised waffle lines in the fabric. They are purposely imperfect. This is consistent with an overall theme of appreciating homemade, natural goods, which are rarely consistent in look and feel.

There’s a nod to the 1970s at the edges of 2018’s trending decorative throw blankets, with pom-poms, tassels and fringe. Those blankets will nicely complement the natural accents in a living area, such tree branches as centerpieces. Embroidered accents bring stylish detail and are in keeping with consumer demand for artisanal goods.

Consumers typically think of throw blankets as add-ons to existing decor. There is a desire for a contrast between the item and the piece of furniture upon which it sits. A sofa with smooth fabric, perhaps velvet in distinct colors, goes well with a fluffy, textured or similarly layered throw.

Trending Fabrics

This year some of the most interesting home decor innovations are in the type of fabric. Sustainability continues to be an important overall trend. Newer materials that many consumers are just becoming to know, like cork, are making their way into home linens. There’s a general trend towards upcycling and recycling, following a “waste not” philosophy. Again, the artisan is the central figure of 2018 home decor, so products with detailed craftsmanship are particularly important for retailers to make available in-store or online.

As much as sustainability may imply low-tech bedding solutions, the desire for duality in linen purchases means high-tech solutions are also popular. This includes cooling technology and antimicrobial linens. While most consumers will seek these specific materials in bed sheet linens, decorative throw blankets should also reflect this desire for high functionality.

Trending Prints

Prints in 2018 recall the beauty of the outdoors. This is a more subtle take on the floral prints that were popular in 2017. Textile experts predict a movement away from predictable, symmetrical patterns in favor of those beautiful imperfections. The exceptions may be country-style stripes, dots, dashes and color blocks.

Decorative throw blankets are popular in just the right pattern to add to the existing decor in a bedroom or entertaining area. Consumers already seeking the natural look in upholstery and duvets may want a single color on a throw, or perhaps, a less dominant print, in order to have a satisfying overall design element in a room.

Latest Home Decor Trends

One of the greatest appeals of a throw blanket is its versatility from year to year. A wide selection of product allowed consumers to choose a few different throws so they can change up their living spaces from season to season. Elite Home Products helps e-commerce retailers to access this broad selection.

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